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Tales of the Slug

Short stories with a charming, surprising, and slimy twist.

Change the way you see slugs! Bawdy, hilarious, young adult, very adult, illustrated, epic, and even poetic. Fifteen talented and versatile authors have crafted fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy stories with a slug in a pivotal role. Offering a tip-of-the-hat to their beautiful (but very wet!) Pacific Northwest origins, Tales of the Slug will make readers laugh and their hearts pound. Rarely has a collection of stories been so entertaining on so many different levels.


With stories from Maxwell DiMarco, Andrew Dolbeck, Alan Searle, Janice Clark, John Dimes, Frederick J. Masterman, Mary Stuart Jacobi, Angie Ruth, Pamela K. Taylor, Roberta Gregory, Roger L. Johnson, Kelly Madden, E.J. Angel, Marshall Miller, and Lauren Patzer.

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