Submission Guidelines

If you are already under contract with Blue Forge Press, please use the Style Guide and check list here to prepare your manuscript for submission. Authors who are new to Blue Forge Press are also welcome to download this document for reference.

Blue Forge Press currently has an open submissions policy. We will read and review manuscripts for novels in all genres, poetry collections, picture books, nonfiction and memoirs. Please read the following instructions carefully, as we cannot review submissions that don't follow these guidelines.

1. Keep in mind that we do not require exclusive submissions. Please feel free to send your work to other publishers when submitting to us.

2. We are not a vanity press. This means you pay nothing to be published. It also means we are not a self-publishing or print service; we are very selective of the books we publish. Does your book shed light on misconceptions or break harmful stereotypes? Does it strive to bring people closer together through understanding? For more than thirty years we have empowered and supported authors marginalized and silenced due to age, ability, gender, race, economics or sexuality. How does your book speak for those not spoken for?

3. There is no fee for submission. You will not pay for your book to be edited or printed or for your cover to be created. You will work with us every step of the way but will never open your wallet to be published.

4. We accept submissions through email. Please do not send hard-copy submissions through the mail. Email your manuscript to in any of these formats: *.doc, *.docx, *.odf, or *.pdf.

5. No formal cover letter is required but when submitting your manuscript, please answer these four questions in the body of your email or in a second attached document:

--How did you hear about Blue Forge Press?

--Why do you feel that your manuscript is the right fit for us?

--What published novels would you compare yours to? Is your work similar to anything already published by Blue Forge Press?

--Are there any content warnings for your book? For instance, does your manuscript include murder, sexual violence, self-harm, suicide, violence against children, homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism, etc.?  Why does your book contain these elements?

Submissions are reviewed within thirty days of receipt. If you have not received a response within thirty days, please email for a status update. Due to the volume of submissions and the size of our team, we are not able to give extensive editorial feedback but you will hear back from us no matter what our decision.

 We look forward to reading your submission and hope to be welcoming you to the Blue Forge Press family.