Wholesale Terms

There are four ways to source books published by Blue Forge Press if you're a bookstore or other retail venue. Select the method that works best with your business model. With supply chain issues and shipping delays beyond our control, make sure to place any order thirty days or more in advance.


Option 1: Ordering from a Distributor or Supplier

We print books traditionally and with POD services to ensure every title is always available. Order or special order any of our titles from your favorite distributor according to their contractual terms.

Option 2: Standard Commission from Blue Forge Press

Order up to twenty copies of any book and keep them in-store on commission for eighty days from the date of their arrival. In-coming shipping or delivery of your order is free. Stores pay 60% of retail on all books sold within the eighty day window and they pay shipping to return any unsold books. Payment must be made for all books sold within ninety days. Unsold books must be returned within ninety days to be returnable. If payment is not made or unsold books are not returned within ninety days, the store will lose the option to return books and be liable for all books at 60% of retail. After 120 days, the store's discount will be lost and the account will be turned over to collection.


Option 3: Order Directly from Blue Forge Press for 50% Off


Order books at 50% off retail and receive free shipping and no tax. No returns accepted. Place your order using our Contact form and we'll send you a digital invoice.

Option 4: Host an Event for No Cost and No Risk


For a no-risk, no-cost option, consider hosting an author event. We can supply a chair and a four- or six-foot table and set the author up for you with promotional banners and other materials. We can also supply bag stuffers for your customers three weeks prior to the event to help generate interest. We'll bring the stock to the event to save on shipping. A Blue Forge Press staff member will process sales at the event using a mobile reader. At the end of the event, we'll take stock away with us and pay the store 10% of all revenue earned that day.