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Fantastical short stories set in the Pacific Northwest.

Cascadia is a diverse and fully captivating anthology of speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy from both new and established authors. From the hilarious Free Range, to the surreal Dance of the Cube-Farm Dreamers, and the poignant The Pulse of the Sea, here are stories that break new ground, recast the stereotypes of the genre and evoke the essence of the Pacific Northwest at every turn.


Cascadia features these exceptional authors: Jake Bartolone, Eric Choi, Suzanne Church, Jacques L. Condor, Jetse de Vries, Krista Dietrich, Louise Herring-Jones, A. Leigh Jones, Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon, John Kratman, Susan U. Linville, Mary E. Lowd, Derwin Mak, Donna McMahon, Joe Murphy, Ruth Nestvold, Mercurio D. Rivera, Bruce Holland Rogers, Rhea Rose, Ken Staley, Bruce Taylor, Uncle River, Edd VickJan Wildt, and Marly Youmans with three brand new stories from Amber Rainey, Lauren Patzer and Marshall Miller.


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