Who We Are

Photographs and essays for all readers.


Who We Are

Who are we? A collection of mind and heart, flesh and bone. Islands unto ourselves though when we share the same country or even the same home. What sets us apart from each other? What brings us together? Who We Are is a series of essays and photographs that explore how we see ourselves and how we invite others to see us. Blue Forge Press is the print division of Blue Legacy, an entirely volunteer-run nonprofit that explores (through print, film, games, and music) the shared stories that make us human, the lives that shape us into storytellers, and the moments that make us who we are.

Volume 1 features essays and photographs from Norm Bowler, Patricia Dale, Bree Indigo, Maria Vela Espinosa, Dakoda Foxx, Alex Gust, Angela Judson, Arly Quillin, Amber Rainey, Erik Rainey, Kellan Rainey, Lisa Rempel, Lee D. Rushin III, Aaron Shay, Ed Stone, Debbie Wales, and Allison Weathers. Paperback $12.99

Volume 2 features essays and photographs from Angel Espinosa, Angela Faro, Carl Covington, Jennifer DiMarco, Jessie Larson, Kristin Miyagishima, Larry Hawkins, Stacey Venzel. Paperback $12.99

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