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Ten stories of endearing and enduring love.

Love endures and must be endured. Perhaps the most multifaceted and complex of all emotions, love is a basic need. It crosses generations and even species. With nearly limitless variations and nuance, it asks nothing of us... or demands everything. We will sacrifice our dreams, our time, and sometimes even our lives to feel loved, to protect our loved ones, and to prove the depth of our feelings. And more often than not, we do so willingly.


Unconditional includes ten stories from both established and emerging authors collected and lightly edited to allow every voice to be heard as authentically as possible. Explore a timeless emotion with a new anthology from Blue Forge Press featuring stories by Stacey Venzel, J.W. Capek, Amber Rainey, Angela Faro, David Fuller, Marshall Miller, Elaina Gonzales-Blanton, Eliza Loeb, Susan Nordman, and David Martyn.


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