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The Mighty Pen

Can the tools we write with shape what we write and who we are?

What are the tools of a storyteller? Our minds and voices, certainly, sometimes even our bodies. But human beings are innovative and adaptable at their cores and very early in our history we discovered other ways to share our stories--horse-hair brushes, quills, typewriters, pens, and even computers. The Mighty Pen collects stories from fourteen unique writers who explore the idea of storytelling and the tools we use. But these are not dry tales of musty writers scribbling down worn out prose. The Mighty Pen features romance, surrealism, horror, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery. After all, storytellers--and their tools--come in limitless variety.


Presenting all-new, original works from Donna Lee Anderson, Norm Bowler, J.W. Capek, Chris Davis, Maxwell DiMarco, David Mecklenburg, Marshall Miller, Carrie Avery Moriarty, Lauren Patzer, Amber Rainey, and Mark Robijn.


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