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Teatro di Freak

Tagged. Registered. Controlled. Do they dare to rise up?

In an alternate world created by bestselling science fiction writer Jennifer DiMarco and producer/actress Faith DiMarco ten percent of the population is born with a gene that mutates their bodies and abilities. The government divides these “freaks” into strains, requiring them to be tagged and registered. When six rebels decide to challenge the status quo, they open Teatro di Freak--the Theatre of Freaks--with weekly shows that spotlight their strange and fascinating abilities for sold-out crowds of humans both horrified and mystified by the outcasts. Is ringleader Helena strong enough to do whatever it takes to keep her troupe together? Or will their secrets, politics and the power of the Registry force a final curtain call?

Watch the short film made from the web series at BlueFlix or explore the entire Teatro di Freak universe with comics, artwork galleries, a timeline, and original fiction that adds to the canon in The Teatro di Freak Omnibus (with work by Jennifer DiMarco, Bree Indigo, Carrie Avery Moriarty, Maxwell DiMarco, and Amber Rainey) or dive into the first season of the series as a graphic novel in Teatro di Freak: The First Season (by Jennifer DiMarco and Bree Indigo).


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