Ghost Sniffers, Inc.

Urban fantasy and mystery for all ages.


The Haunting of Zephyr Zoo: A Choose-Your-Own-Case Adventure

Eight different heroes. Five different cases. Dozens of different endings! Based on characters from Ghost Sniffers, Inc., the television and web series where the actors’ real-life “disabilities” became super abilities, The Haunting of Zephyr Zoo is a choose-your-path adventure like no other. Not only do readers select which young hero to follow into a case, but five completely different mysteries wait to be solved: Investigate as Forge and Maxo; Gogo and B.O.O.; Sirius Spark; Maximilian and Kraken, or Bianca Ice. Four of the five cases are written by actors from the show to add an extra layer of fun. Featuring cases written by Bree Indigo, Jennifer DiMarco, Maxwell DiMarco, Launa Sorensen, and Dana Wright. 

Paperback $14.99


Ghost Sniffers, Inc. Novelizations

Ghost Sniffers, Inc. is a paranormal investigation firm run by nine-year-old Faith Forge whose Type 1 Diabetes gives her the ability to sniff out ghosts. But she’s not the only one with a trade-off power; in the alternate world of Ghost Sniffers, Inc., everyone born with a "disability" or medical condition is also granted a super ability to balance the scales. United with Forge, a team of brave young investigators solve mysteries that are both serious and silly, wacky and witty. Read novelizations of the episodes packed with extra bonus scenes written by actors in the series and super fans -- Tyrean Martinson, Launa Sorensen, Irene Coloca, Maxwell DiMarco, Amber Rainey, Jennifer DiMarco, Angela Faro, and Bree Indigo. Then watch episodes for free thanks to Blue Forge Films; explore the Ghost Sniffers, Inc. games at Blue Forge Gaming, or find official toys at The Blue Spot. Purchase a bundle of all nine books from our Wholesale bundles for 50% off.