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Below please find an alphabetical list of all Blue Forge Press books divided by genre.

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​Adrion's Passage (The Deerwhere Codex, Book 2)
The Adventures of Reztap (The Chronicles of Reztap, Book 2)

Ageless (The Haunting of Orchard House)

Angels of Anarchy: Reticent

Angels of Anarchy: Shane

Angels of Anarchy: Sharon
Beyond the Great Compromise: Tales of the Tschaaa

Beyond the Wall (The Haunting of Orchard House)

Body of Work
Bonds of Aggar (Amazons of Aggar)

Cascadia: Fantastical Stories from the Pacific Northwest

Cold Trail (Gunsmoke & Mirrors, Book 1)
The Deerwhere Awakening (The Deerwhere Codex, Book 1)

Dissonance Junction
Eternal Willow
Ever Aequum: Tales from Deerwhere

Fire to Burn the Stars (Universal Defender)
Fires of Aggar (Amazons of Aggar)
Free Range Protocol: Tales of the Tschaaa
The Gathering Storm (Tschaaa Infestation, Book 1)

Haint There (The Haunting of Orchard House)

Immortal (The Haunting of Orchard House)


The Island (The Haunting of Orchard House)
Johnny Apocalypse and the Battle for Freedom (Book 2)
Johnny Apocalypse and the Fight for a New World (Book 3)
Johnny Apocalypse and the Nuclear Wasteland (Book 1)

The Mighty Pen

Minding the Storm
Mishaps and Mayhem (The Chronicles of Reztap, Book 0)

No More (The Haunting of Orchard House)
Oceans of Aggar (Amazons of Aggar)

Paranoia (The Haunting of Orchard House)

Project Voyager

The Pulse (The Haunting of Orchard House)
The Quest for the Insane Moth (The Chronicles of Reztap, Book 3)
Roses & Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold
Sands of Aggar (Amazons of Aggar)
Shadows of Aggar (Amazons of Aggar)

Super: Unexpected Heroes Arise
Survivors: Escaping the Tschaaa: A Story of Young Survival

Tales of Resistance

Tales of the Slug
Talismans & Temptations: Stories of Aggar and Beyond

Today I Save Myself (Universal Defender)

The Tsunami (Tschaaa Infestation, Book 2)
Typhoon of Steel (Tschaaa Infestation, Book 3)
Unnerving: Twelve Stories for a Monthly Dose of Shivers

Unnerving 2: Twelve More Stories for a Monthly Dose of Shivers

Unnerving 3: Twelve Unsettling Stories Plus One

The Why Files: It Begins (Book 1)
The Why Files: Dragons and Drugs (Book 2)
The Why Files: Predators and the Press (Book 3)
The Why Files: Felines and Marriage (Book 4)
The Why Files: Love is Blue (Book 5)
The Why Files: The Gentleman and the Tiger (Book 6)

Wilds of Aggar (Amazons of Aggar)