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Project Voyager

Book 1 in the Colony series. Mother Earth was in trouble. It was impossible to deny. The climate was changing -- oceans rising, storms increasing in frequency and destructiveness. Changes that took thousands of years were happening in a span of years. With the threat of famine as global temperatures increased and international trade collapsed, the world sat on the brink of war. Meanwhile, scientists and people with deep pockets were desperately searching for alternatives -- Mars, the Moon, and orbiting habitats. After being scapegoated for a catastrophic rocket explosion, engineer John Marshal thought his career was over. He was delightfully surprised to hear that his wife, Dr. Alex Cummings, was hired as a manager for the Project Voyager survey mission to Mars. Not only would he be accompanying Alex -- John is also given the rare opportunity to build the first Earth spaceship… in outer space, no less!

Paperback $16.99